What is Numerology and How Does Numerology Work


Numerology is gaining a lot of popularity, these days.

It is one of the most common terms related to astrology which is used often, but this is not something very recent or new, it is an age-old science which can be dated several decades back.

Some of the earliest records of numerology appeared in Babylon and Egypt. It is believed to be a mystical or divine relationship between a number and some events. But often the credit of the modern-day numerology is given to Pythagoras, a Greek Philosopher.

Numerology is an ancient covert science that serves the study of personal destiny. The date of birth and the name of a person contain individual values, to which the number symbolism assigns a specific meaning.

In numerology, these personal numbers and combinations of numbers have a symbolic function in addition to the mathematical and suggest the traits of a person.

Scientifically relevant is the number meaning in the custom, theology, and linguistics. From the point of view of abstract and mysticism, the number of lives, the number of names, the number of fates and the year provide clear information that influences the circumstances of life.

The task of numerology is to analyze the energies closely associated with the name and date of birth:  Talents, weaknesses, and characteristics Focuses on defining phases of life Effect of a person on the outside Interaction with places or objects Life goals and spiritual tasks.

 So what is numerology? Numerology is the science of numbers and its influence on human life. More specifically it deals with the connection of numbers with destiny, personality traits, events and circumstances. It is a study of a divine relationship between a number and coinciding events.

How does Numerology Work?

Numerology actually deals with the power that the numbers wield. Everything in this universe have a vibration and they vibrate at a specific frequency.

Plants, humans, spirits, animals and everything vibrate. In numerology too, the numbers also hold a certain energy which is called vibration. To decode more about some or to know more about their potential, you need to decode the vibration. This vibration can provide with a lot of information about any persons including their character traits as well as personality. With the help of numerology it is quite possible.

There are four key areas of numerology readings.

To know how the numerology works, you have to know about these readings.

#1: Life Path Number: The life path number of your life somehow symbolizes the journey of you. It is all about the person you are in real and what you want or hope to achieve in your life. This could help you in uncovering the gifts and talents that you already possess. It is very easy to calculate the life path number. You need to calculate it by using your DOB in the format DD/MM/YYYY. Add all the numbers together and you will get a number. For instance, if you are born on July 25, 1990, it will be 25/07/1990 in the format DD/MM/YYYY. You need to add all the numbers 25+07+1990 which is equal to 2022. Now, you have to add 2+0+2+2. The result is 6. So, the life path number of your life is 6.

#2: Soul Urge Number: This is a spiritual number. This number is about who you truly are and your values or ethics. In order to get this number, you have to assign the value of each vowel present in your full name. Then add the numbers and you will get the number. To know how to calculate that, refer to the numerology chart below.

#3: Karmic Number: The karmic number is all about your fears and hopes and desires. It is quite simple to evaluate the karmic number. In numerology, this karmic number is used to provide you with potential solutions for your problems. You will also be able to know better about the desires of your life and what you want to do with it. With the help of the numerology chart (given below), give the corresponding number to every consonant present in your birth name. Once you get the numbers, add it and you will find your Karmic number.

#4: Expression Number: This expression number is ideal for your career. It will help you to know better about all the amazing talents you have and what potential you have so that you can flourish in your life. In order to get the expression number, you can simply have to assign the numbers that goes with your full name along with your full DOB. Now, add all of them and you will get the expression number.    

Numerology Chart

Numerology Chart: worldnumerology.com

Numerology has a connection with both spirituality and science.

Do you have interest to know more about what is numerology and how does it work?Here, every letter of English alphabets corresponds to a particular number. It is a universal language of the numbers. The purpose of the numerology is not to predict the future but to provide you with the best way for discovering and exploring to the fullest potential.


So, this is the numerology chart based on which you can find out the life path number, soul urge number, karmic number as well as your expression number. Here is an example on how you can use this chart to evaluate the numbers: 

For instance, if a person's name is Chris Lee, then you have to determine the value of each and every letters present in the full name. So,  C is 3  H is 8  R is 9  I is 9  S is 1  L is 3  E is 5  E is 5  Now, you have add all these numbers i.e. 3 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 5 +5 which is equal to 43 or 7 (4+3).

So, this way you will be able to determine the values of the vowels or the consonants of your name.

Even when it comes to calculating the expression number, you have to calculate the value of your name as well as the life path number and add them together. This chart will help you further to evaluate any values related to your full name or date of birth.

Numerology and Science

There are many people who believe that numerology and science doesn't go hand in hand. But they are wrong. Numerology is actually the science of numbers.

The father of the modern mathematics, Pythagoras also stated that numerology is backed by science.

The numerology has its foundation on the basis of the correlation of some events taking place on earth to a numeral pattern. The close association of the alphabets with the corresponding numerical value can tell about a lot of things. 

This is not something which is made up of random thoughts or superstition. It is a reading based on the theory that each number has a distinct vibration. These vibrations have certain properties which can shed light over the personality or behavior of a person. Numerology is completely based on the belief that no event occurs accidentally.

In fact, there is a reason behind everything. It is a relationship between the numbers and the laws of the nature. Numerology can help people to understand which job is perfect for them. It will also help them to know about the future opportunities as well as the obstacles in life. 

Numerology and Spirituality 

There is also a great connection between numerology and spirituality. These numbers have vast and limitless potentials and their values have been recognized through time.

There are spiritual meanings for the numbers too. The flow of energy and essence of the number can fill the Universe. Each and everything present ion the universe has a mathematical signature. They emit a melody or tone with a unique spiritual vibration. It is one of the best and most amazing discoveries of the ancient people on the earth.

There is a huge spiritual potential that can hold each other. The spiritual meaning of the numbers can only be read by a numerologist only.

One needs to study the numerology in order to know about these numbers and what they have to say.

These numbers have a spiritual connection with your mind, body and your life. If you get to know about these, then you will be able to look at the life in a much different way. It can help you to be more successful by utilizing your full potential. It will also tell people about the skills that they can master and talents that they are not aware of. These can help you to discover yourself and resonate your inner most wise being.  

Benefits of Numerology 

There are many benefits of numerology.

Some of them can really help you to shape your career as well as you as a person.

Here are some of those benefits:

Self-help: The numerology can be used as a self-help tool. The numerology reading will give you a great insight about the person you are as an individual. You will be able to know why you make certain choices and why you draw certain situations and people in your life. With the help of this you can help yourself to cope up with such situations and emerge as a better person.

Grow and understand relationships: The numerology will help you to bring some newness in the relationship. You will be able to look at your friends, family members, partner or co-workers in a better way. This helps you to improve your understanding with people. Thus, you can grow and enhance your relationship with everyone around you.

Enhance the personality: One of the most important aspects of life is representation. It is important how others look at you or see you. Your personality defines you and you will be able to know more about the personality if you take the help of the numerology. It will tell about what the first impression that people have about you. Of course, you will get a scope to change or improve it for betterment.

Face the challenges: Of course, when you are well-prepared about the challenges that are coming, you will be able to face them properly. Numerology with the help of the life path number will help to define the opportunities and challenges. The life path or the DOB number will act as a map throughout your lifetime. It will let you know about the opportunities as well as the challenges that you are going to face in your life. Know the significance of your birthday: Everyone's birthday is special to them. Besides just being happy and feeling special about your birthday, it is also important to know more about it. Your birth day i.e. the date, month and year has a special significance in your life. Your birthday may speak a lot about your characteristics, personality, potential and talents. With the help of the numerology, you will be able to know in details about these.

Finding the right balance: Balance is one of the most important aspects of your life. People strive for a proper balance as this can bring happiness and prosperity in your life. You must direct the energies and channelize them properly in order to attain the perfect balance. Numerology helps you in finding the perfect balance of your emotions and energies.

Know the compatibility: As every person or thing has their own unique vibration, they tend to be compatible with certain people or things only. With the help of the numerology, you can also know your compatibility with another person. This is essential for any relationship, be it for friendship or for marriage. A perfect compatibility can help you to have a great bonding with the other person.

How Does Numerical Mystery Work and How is it Used?

The numerical calculation of abstract numerology focuses on human personality. Using special numerical symbolics calculations, interpersonal relationships, life goals, and challenges can be presented in a surprisingly clear manner. Number mysticism illuminates the personality and reflects the character traits. Individual numerical values provide orientation in discovering highs and lows on your life path and to guide you to your inner goals. The number of lives and the number of names give surprisingly accurate information about the personal life situation and reveal opportunities for positive change.

By studying numerology, you will better understand your inner self. The analysis of your personal numbers will allow you to discover your future. With a numeroscope or numerological consultation, you will develop a deeper understanding of your current tasks and past events. If you would like to try numerology for free, you can use a variety of Internet tools to perform a brief analysis in numerology with birth date and name. However, the quality of the evaluation cannot replace sound expert advice. 

Potentials of numerology on a spiritual, emotional and spiritual level In religiously and abstract oriented numerology, every letter has its own energy vibration. Therefore, the concept of numerology using the number of sums and checksums reveals the true traits and effects on other people and everyday life.

Numerology harbors potentials that appeal to the spiritual, emotional and spiritual. In addition to the number of lives, the number of fates and the number of names, the number of partners can be determined and interpreted.

The symbolism of individual numbers and number combinations in relation to each other can give the following positive directions:  shows new ways supports decisions improves self-assessment strengthens the interaction with the social environment

The history of numerology in different cultures Even the millennia-old writings of the Babylonians, Chinese, Japanese and Jews contain information that points to the art of numerical mysticism.

Although ancient cultures and peoples have conducted their numerical research independently of each other, the results are still in great agreement. At first, numerology and astrology were intertwined in a knowledge concept.

Around 4000 to 2000 BC Chr. Divided the area into two branches of knowledge. Many astrologers in the high Middle Ages still knew about the meaning of numbers and reinforced their interpretations by numerological considerations.  

The ancient celestial science is particularly often mentioned in connection with Pythagoras. The Greek mathematician (570 BC to 510 BC), like many other scholars, has recognized the operation and nature of qualitative numbers. However, numerology has also been applied to the ancient Egyptians, the Mayan peoples, Asian cultures and the mystical traditions of Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic tree of life emerged from Pythagoras' proprietary number symbolism. Also in the Bible, certain numbers are recognizable in patterns.

Today numerous cultural circles work with numerology. Thus, the Far Eastern concept of equality in Feng Shui is also supplemented by numerological calculations.  

The Kabbalah Numerology  The Kabbalah describes a mystical tradition, originating from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew cultural heritage. The meaning of numbers is related to the Kabbalah Tree of Life. He unites in himself the omniscience about the origin of the world and the divine creation. In Kabbalistic numerology, too, each of the 30 Kabbalah numbers is important. If you would like to test Numerology for free, you can consult the Kabbalah Oracle. In Kabbalah analysis for the present, past, and future, users receive a basic statement about a phase of life, subdivided into action, thought, feeling, and destiny. Examples of the decoding of the Kabbalah numbers are:  1: passion, pride, ambition 2: Disasters and destruction 7: the pursuit of perfection 9: grief, worry, pain on the mental level 

The biblical numerology

In the scriptures, the numbers 7 and 40 are particularly common. According to biblical numerology, the number 7 represents perfection and is often referred to as "God's number" because God is perfection and perfection. Also, the number 3 symbolizes as the Trinity the divine: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The 40 is considered a "number of exams". Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai, the Israeli people wandered through the desert for 40 years. After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, forty days passed until his ascension. The "number of creation" is the 4th. It symbolizes the four seasons and four directions. In Biblical Christian numerology, the 6 is "The Number of Man."On the sixth day, God created man. The revelation mentions the number combination 666 as an indication of the antichrist.  

The Chinese numerology

Great interest is also aroused today by Asian numerology. In ancient China, the just Emperor Y is said to have seen a divine turtle. On their tanks was a figure with numerals, which also describes the mystery of the 44th The Asian number mysticism is based on the Lo Shu, the magic square, which is said to have a far stronger impact than other numerology systems. The magic square reveals a mystery about a person's past and future. Zero has no meaning in the Chinese calculation concept. From the date of birth in the magic square, the character traits are readable. The diagonals in the lattice of the Sho Lu always give the sum 15, which corresponds to the period between new and full moon. 

How is the life count calculated?  The lifespan reveals interesting things about your personality and your life. Your life relationships also tell something about your relationships with your fellow human beings. Would you like to know more about your talents and rather unfavorable characteristics or know what is really on your mind? Then you can easily determine and interpret your individual destiny number. The life count is the sum of all the digits of your date of birth until you get a one-digit number.

An example:   Date of birth: 23.02.1987 Cross  sum of the numbers: 2 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 / Result: 32  Cross sum from the result: 3 + 2 = 5  Your personal life is 32/5   You can now interpret this number of lives. This can be done via numerology for free on the Internet or with the help of professional advice from a numerology expert who knows the full meaning of numbers. In the example, the main life number is number 5.

Also, the secondary life number 32 (3, 2) from the complete date of birth has an important meaning.

The life characteristics are assigned the following properties:

0: Positive internal forces

1: Creative skills

2: Contribute, cooperation

3: liveliness, expression

4: stability in life

5: Personal freedom

6: ideas, visions

7: Positive thinking, trust

8: Respect, recognition

9: righteousness, integrity 

There is one exception where life numbers are not added down to a single-digit number. Namely, if you hit one of the master numbers 11, 22 or 33.

A master's number has a powerful meaning in numerology. The master number 11 stands for success creativity, team spirit, and breakthrough. The 22 expresses a strong spiritual approach to topics such as numerology, astrology teachings.

Enlightenment symbolizes the number of lives 33.

When you determine this fatal number, you have a calming way to others and radiate deep kindness with great warmth of heart.

How to calculate the lucky number? Numerology - the world of number magic In mathematics, numbers are not just abstract signs, but expressions of universal language. Numerology defines personal numerical values as a way of life and shows a person who he really is and what he does.

Many prefer one or more numbers purely intuitively. If you do not know your lucky number, it can be easily determined. According to popular belief, the day on which a person was born is his lucky day. The lucky numbers result from all numbers with the cross sums that correspond to your birthday number.

Some examples:

Birth Number 1 - Lucky Numbers: 1,10,19,28,37,46,55,64,73,82,91,100

Birth Number  5 - Lucky Numbers: 5,14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86 , 95,104

Number of  births 7 - Lucky numbers: 7,16,25,34,43,52,61,70,79,88,97,106 

You can also determine your lucky numbers based on the sign of the zodiac because for every character there are lucky number combinations with certain vibratory energies or individual numbers.

Numerology free allows you to enter your birth data via an online generator to calculate your individual lucky numbers. 

How do I find my name number? From the number, the symbolism was the Gematria.

The Hebrew form of numerology describes a hermeneutic method in which words can be interpreted with the help of numbers. In this technique, a word is assigned different letters after a number key.

The name number reveals much about your "secret" nature. They recognize the meaning of your character traits and become aware of the cause of influences on your life stages. Know the number of your name, it holds the essence of ancient covert science.

The immense importance of numbers is also evident in this system for questioning fate.   The first and last name on your birth certificate allows you to calculate the name number to identify opportunities or challenges.

In numerology, a name change means that the fateful way can be influenced in a new way.

For example, if you marry, you should recalculate the name number. Using tables found on the Web, you can determine the number.

For analysis, you must assign all the letters in your name to a specific number and encode them to a one-digit number.

An example: Birth name Anna Schmidt after the numerology number key:   ANNASHMIDT  1 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 8 + 4 + 9 + 4 + 2 = 43  4 + 3 = 7  This results in the name number 7.  

From a numerological point of view, the number 7 is the symbol for the strength of the spiritual, which stands above the material. Her character is rather reserved and introverted with this name number. Feeling your emotions causes you difficulties because the mind often hinders you. Material things are less important to you, but independence is a high priority.  

The numbers for the letters are again from 1 to 9. The following letters are assigned to the following numbers:   A, J, S B, K, T C, L, U D, M, V E, N, W F, O, X G, P, Y H, Q, Z I, R

The maiden name in spiritual number symbolism

In spiritual numerology, the maiden name is no coincidence and has a special vibration with information about soul energy. The number language in your name reveals something about the learning tasks of life, the innate gifts and the goals of the soul.

With the help of spiritual numerology, you get deeper insights into the influences of vibrational energies. Number mysticism is particularly well suited to analyze relationships such as a partnership or parent-child relationship. Thus numerology opens up new possibilities to better understand one's own child or partner.  

Spiritual number symbolism is also an excellent tool for analyzing business and company names, product names or events. A good business name reflects the company philosophy, addresses the target group and is tailored to the range of services. The energies of a company or product name can contribute significantly to business success. Not infrequently, a numerological evaluation of the numerical language shows that a name change can essentially contribute to the increase in sales. 

Why is professional numerology consulting useful?  A number of lives, fate number or name number - your individual numerical values are like puzzle pieces that reveal important things about your existence. Esoteric/Abstract numerology refers to the art of gaining an understanding of the course of all living things through the inner meaning of numbers. But only when the number and letter code is interpreted correctly, the pieces of the puzzle can be put together and put in relation to the universal intelligence. Although you can get a glimpse into the fascinating world of numbers through numerology free of charge with your date of birth, you can quickly determine your fate or number of names. A comprehensive evaluation, however, offers you only a professional numerology consulting.   

Experienced numerology experts create a detailed birth analysis, look at the numbers according to the moon phases of Chinese numeric symbols or draw the zodiac signs for evaluation. Using various numerical calculation systems, such as the Kabbalistic number mysticism, life tasks, strengths, challenges or events can be calculated. You will find out at which place of residence you feel particularly comfortable or where the causes of partnership problems lie. Qualified life counselors know numerous numerical meanings based on cultural, religious or mathematical foundations. 

You have the opportunity to get a detailed numerology portrait of your personality from name and date of birth. You can also learn more about the magic square or get an accurate numeroscope.

Do you want to test numerology for free, but do not want to forgo expert support from a numerology expert? Then you should secure a free introductory talk with an experienced consultant.

Questico offers new customers a numerology free consultation on the phone or in the chat - completely without obligation and without risk.  An exciting journey through the mysterious world of numbers In calculating the numbers, mapmakers, channel media, astrologers, or fortune-tellers filter personality aspects by applying sound numerology knowledge. Through the clear language of numbers, interpersonal relationships, inner goals, and essentials can be revealed. In numerology for free on the phone or in chat, experts bring to light amazing hints, the emotional state and life situation of the person seeking advice exactly.

A professional numerology consultancy gives you important impulses and assistance in order to have a positive effect on your life and your future.

Embark on an exciting journey through the mysterious world of numbers.

Discover your life from a new perspective and see what really makes you happy.


Do you now know what numerology is and how does it work?

The numerology is a simply term that can analyze the link between your name and birthday with the numbers. This helps to open up a lot of opportunities for you. It will also help you to know more about any person. You need to be aware of the fact that numerology is a pure science and it has nothing to do with any superstition. Besides common people, there are thousands of celebrities or public figures who rely on the science of numerology.

As the numerology has the ability to explain the choices you must consider or to tell about the possible challenges in life, people often rely on it to be prepared for their life.   But for this, you need to make sure that you are contacting one of the best numerologists. Numerology is a study and to become a numerologist, one has to be a qualified one.

Make sure to look for someone with proper degree and license. There are a lot of scam people around who claim to be the astrologers or numerologists.

So, it is important to perform a thorough research before you end up trusting someone's talent. There is a great connection between numerology and science.

So, you need to make sure that the numerologist has to be well-educated and experienced in this field.

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