The Meaning Of Numerology and Reasons To Learn It Now

The Meaning Of Numerology and Reasons To Learn It Now

Numerology is a discipline that studies the symbolic meaning of numbers, of which the greatest and most well-known promulgator was Pythagoras.

The Greek philosopher of the sixth century BC believed that everything was number and that the essence of reality was of a mathematical nature. In this perspective, the universe is not at all chaotic but ordered according to a precise design that can be codified through the interpretation of numbers, comparable in a certain sense to modern atoms.

In fact, if everything is number inevitably, a matter is itself made up of numbers and we ourselves would, therefore, be an ordered set of numbers.

The magic number of the golden section  That the numbers were considered "divine" is also demonstrated by the fame of the golden section of Fibonacci (mathematician born in Pisa in 1170), an irrational number corresponding to 1.61803 ... which represents a relationship between magnitudes traceable a little everywhere: just think of the pyramid of Cheops but also to countless works of art, where the famous proportion was often used in the representation of the horizon, to have a better rendering.

The artist who perhaps made the greatest use of it was Leonardo Da Vinci, starting from his "Uomo Vitruviano", whose navel divided the man in a golden way. The same number is then found in nature, for example in the spirals of sunflower seeds, in the petals of some flowers and so on. To demonstrate the importance of numbers in the Universe.

Numbers are powerful symbols  numbers-are-symbols Not only that, in fact, the numbers identify, as the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung pointed out, Archetypes, or universal symbols with particular energetic values and an active role in the so-called Unit. In short, they are not mere arithmetic quantities but correspond to specific symbols, if not, as Pythagoras maintained, to sounds, letters, and planets, determining the rhythm of the universe. 

The number would therefore not belong to the physical plane but to the spiritual one and would depend on all its laws of construction and evolution. It would also have specific qualities that depend on its location in nature. In addition to Pythagoras and Jung, even St. Augustine was very interested in the numbers, calling them "the universal language offered by gods to humans as a confirmation of the truth . 

The Importance Of Numbers In The Hebrew Kabbalah  (Cabala)

Finally we cannot ignore the importance of numerology in the Jewish Kabbalah, literally "the doctrine received", or the mystical and spiritual wisdom contained in the Hebrew Bible, the Torah. The Cabal associates each name with a number and each number is in turn associated with metaphysical meaning. According to the kabbalists the sounds of names, therefore the only one to pronounce them would be enough to emit certain vibrations in our spirit, able to provoke supernatural events and to attract positive or negative energy.

Numbers are tools for investigating reality and ourselves  numerology And here it is understood why numerology considers precious numbers instruments to investigate reality. In fact, this discipline identifies correspondences between numbers and different aspects of life, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm. In the light of these statements and of the studies conducted by all these researchers, mathematicians and religious, it is clear that numerology is not a so abstruse or raving discipline, rather a precious tool, potentially able to decipher the deep mechanisms of the universe and of the man himself, as part of the Universe. 

Obviously, not being a scientific discipline, the interpretations of those who deal with them may not necessarily correspond to the True, because never as in this case are the preparation and the intuition to make the difference. Believe it or not, what we can do to disentangle ourselves in this variegated and fascinating world is to learn at least the basics, starting from the most accredited symbolic meanings of the numbers themselves. 

Symbolic Meanings Of Numbers

Referring to the most widespread symbolic meanings and interpretations of Vitiana Paola Montana, researcher, and scholar of Jewish symbolism, numerology and Kabbalah, I illustrate below the main symbologies of numbers from 1 to 9.  

Number 1: on an archetypal level, the number 1 represents the origin of all things, the Unity of Creation, the bearer of new things, new beginnings, new ideas. Being a number associated with the creative principle, in astrology, it corresponds to the Sun. 

 Number 2: represents the Great Mother and is, therefore, a female type number, associated as it is with birth, gestation, conception. But being double it has a double face, the bright one of Isis and the dark one of Hecate. It expresses receptivity, imagination, sensitivity.

Number 3: number of the Trinity, as such considered perfect. It is the product of the union between the One, the creative principle, and the Two, the welcoming womb. It, therefore, symbolizes the harmony of the parts, the balance but also the origin of the movement, of the ability to reconcile opposites. 

Number 4: associated with the Earth is the number of stability, concreteness and is also associated with the 4 doors that we must pass to access the inner knowledge, in turn, associated with the 4 elements, fire, air, earth, and water. We have to go through the forces of the 4 elements to rediscover ourselves.

Number 5: represents experimentation but also communication, as associated with the God Mercury. It symbolizes dynamism, curiosity but also transgression because it makes us inclined to try new things, to go into unknown territories.

Number 6: symbolizes harmony and psychologically indicates the need to learn to integrate one's ideas into oneself so as to make our life balanced. 

Number 7: the Pythagoreans considered it the number of the cyclical Perfection associating it with the geometric figure of the circle. It is also associated with spirituality, intuition, and the ability to reconcile magic and reality. People with a number 7 who often return to the numerological table usually have important talents, sometimes unexpressed.

Number 8: symbolizes Infinity, perfection, victory but also individuals who must learn to use abundance and power for non-selfish purposes, pursuing inner balance to avoid being victims of their emotional extremes. The eight also corresponds to the "double door", understood as a door to earthly and spiritual life.

Number 9: symbolizes the Moon and Hecate as well as the descent of energy into matter. Identify wise people, real guides whose challenge is to achieve that wisdom through the processing of their emotions. It is also called " the number of truth ". 

Numerological Tables: What They Are And What They Are For

The numerological tables are diagrams that allow you to convert your name, surname, and date of birth in numbers. Through the interpretation of the results, it is possible to identify one's strengths and weaknesses, and even predict the most important events of our life. It is, therefore, a real numerological map, similar to the birth chart of astrology, very useful for learning to know ourselves better.

The numerological analysis they examine any existential field: from work to love, from family to health, providing us with important information on how to act at certain times, on how to overcome certain blocks or on which path to take. Everything is at the will of the consultant and of course the skill and preparation of those who interpret the numbers. 

The personal year in numerology What is the personal year and how it is calculated A personal year is a number from 1 to 9 that allows knowing the general situation of a year. I was able to personally verify that knowing the personal year is a great help since the possibilities offered by the personal year are an indication of what is easier to obtain or not in the period in question, depending on the underlying nature of the year. 

To know your personal year you need to do a very simple calculation.

For example, let's calculate the personal year 2019 for actor Richard Gere, born on the day:  - 31 of August in the year 1949. Here is how to arrange the figures for the calculation of the personal year:  personal year numerology calculation  

The day + month + a current year is added to the column. In this case, the sum is 2058. The figures of the result obtained in the column are written: 2 + 0 + 5 + 8 = 15. 

The new result is reduced by adding the numbers: 1 + 5 = 6. Note: if the result of point 3) is greater than 9, you must make a further breakdown up to obtain a number included in the band from 1 to 9.  Result: Richard Gere's personal 2019 year is 6.  6 is the number that favors understandings from all points of view, both personal and business. This year, relations, contacts, and agreements, even of a public nature, are favored.  Year 6 exalts the sentimental side of existence and the family takes on great importance, probably it will grow. In case of conflict in the couple, year 6 brings reconciliation.  

The home is the place where you feel most relaxed; in a year 6 you can change the decor and make it more comfortable according to our wishes. The 6 is also the right year for buying a home.  Year in favor of those with artistic interests and those working in the entertainment world. New talent can be revealed in a year 6.

Now let's look at the meaning of all the personal years. The personal years 1, 3, 5 are generally better than the others as they allow to start again on a better basis and have a positive effect on destiny. Year 2 represents harmony and calm, but it can also generate conflicts. 

Year 4 is the year of work and organization. Sometimes it is a source of material problems. Year 6 represents the harmony of the family and favors agreements. Responsibilities are growing, especially in the family environment. 

The year 7 is suitable for meditation and to take a break, perhaps a holiday postponed for some time. It can bring delays and delays in every field.

Year 8 is a good or bad year, especially as regards the financial aspect. If it's good, there's success and success.

Year 9 is the final year of the cycle and is often rich in emotions. A year open to all solutions because at the end of the cycle the time comes to make the decisive effort to untie the knots that create tension. 

Don't start something important in a year 9, but wait for the next year 1. Ultimately, the personal year represents a source of knowledge that is anything but negligible, naturally for those who know how to seize the opportunities it presents.  

Numbers With Religious And Cultural Significance

Many people are not aware that numbers have always had religious and cultural significance. The so-called numerology deals with the phenomenon that there are connections between all these numbers. The doctrine of numerology states that numbers reflect the inner state or even the inner nature of a human being. The numerology refers to numbers and letters and combinations of the name and date of birth of a person. These numbers then give an insight into the individual characteristics and the character of the person after exact calculation and analysis. For this reason, numerology is closely linked to astrology and must not be absent from the big topic of the horoscope. 

Specific Value By Each Letter  

Each letter has a specific numerical value and also has its own vibration. This vibration affects not only the person himself but also on the fellow human beings or on the relationship to these, on the entire everyday life and on the whole life in general. Numerology interprets the sums and the checksums of the numbers that unmistakably characterize a person. In the present day, numerology is becoming more and more important also in the field of astrology and therefore one is no longer satisfied only with the interpretation of zodiac signs, stars, planets, ascendants, etc.

Numerology Is Also Called Number Symbolism

The assignment of meanings to individual numbers and combinations of numbers is called numerical symbolism or numerology. The numbers receive a symbolic function. Some religions and philosophies teach that there is an objective connection between numbers and their attributed meanings. 

For the horoscope of Western astrology, especially the Bavarian numerical symbolism played a major role. Here certain numbers correspond to the influence of the stars and their constellations.

Here is an overview of some of the most important numbers from Babylonian numerology:

The number one is the sign of unity

The number two has been associated with the moon and sun as well as winter and summer

The number four stands for the four world corners, the four world directions, the four seasons, winds and the four phases of the moon

The number seven is the number of stars.

Even today, many numbers still have something mystical about them - just think of the Superstition, which ranks around the number 13.

For example, in the USA, it is still avoided today that a 13th floor is named. You make it either 12A or equal to the 14 over. The same can be observed with cruise ships or with airplanes because here a 13th seat row or a 13th deck is dispensed with.

Make Decisions With The Help Of Numerology  

For more and more people in the world, numerology is an important help in making decisions or taking specific directions in life. These vibrations caused by the numbers can affect any movement. With the vibrations of these numbers man is controlled in his actions in the subconscious mind and all his actions and actions are predetermined. 

Precisely for this reason, the concept of numerology is so popular and in demand. All numbers in numerology have their own personality and character. This means that each number has a certain number of qualities and properties that make that number unique and unmistakable. In this context, it should be mentioned that each number has both positive and negative properties.

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