The Power of Positive Thinking

In this video Helen Peterson talks to us about how sometimes life will throw you a curve ball …

… and the the day might take a turn that is impossible to see coming.

Plain and Simple, This is Life.

This talk looks at how we can go about clearing these hurdles head on and come out stronger than before.

Helen Peterson a professor of interior design at Prince Mohammed University. In her talk provides some great ways to Increase Your Positivity …

… and with these added tips for an Optimistic Outlook on Life your power of Positive Thinking can increase greatly!

Remind Yourself What You’re Grateful for – Morning, Noon and Night

Make a list of a minimum of least ten items you are grateful for, first thing in the morning! And then at review them before going to sleep at night.

Give thanks for everything you have in your life that you love and want more of – big or small!

Breathe Deeply

Breathing will improve your circulation, decrease stress, increase brain function, and boost your mood.

Start by closing your eyes, inhaling for a count to three, and exhaling. Remember, a good deep breath consists of filling your lungs like a balloon rather than taking shallow breaths that only move your chest and shoulders.


Fact – it takes less muscles to smile than to frown, so smile more, it’s less work!

Smiling will brighten your mood instantly, and the very act of smiling will cheer someone else up, as well.

Make Someone Laugh

Laugh as if this is final act, make it count!

Focus on the joy that laughter brings you, it has been shown to help alieve almost anything that ails you, from depression to disease.


Take a break from yourself, your thoughts and help someone in need instead!

Tutor kids in a subject you love, offer your help at the local library (great books all around you, how can you go wrong?), help at a soup kitchen … whatever it is that peaks your interest and you have a passion for is an excellent choice, and helps others beyond anything else you can offer.

A Few Last Words …

Negativity constantly surrounds us, and as busy as your life is…

… it only takes a smile to have a positive outlook on life, some random acts of kindness, and slowing down a bit and taking the time to appreciate the moment you’re in.

Become happier today by applying these tips to your life, and you will find a world of that is truly beautiful, splendid and good!

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