Personal Goal Setting [23 Of the Best Goals You Can Set Today]

Goal setting comes in many shapes and sizes. Long term goals and short-term goals are part of the mix, and you also have smart goals and even the differences between personal and business goals.

Business goals can come in the form of revenue generating goals to expansion related goals that come down to merely hiring new employees. Sometimes, this isn’t what we need to push through or break into the next tier of greatness.

Sometimes, and I know this to be true about myself especially, sometimes it’s nothing more than needing to adjust some of our downfalls and set new goals.

Sometimes this is family related such as working on the marriage or becoming a more involved parent and sometimes it’s nothing more than learning to be better with time management or seeing the best in situations instead of the worse.

For me, one of the biggest struggles has always been not necessarily time management. I’ve always gotten things done by the deadlines, but for me, it’s always been, what else could I have accomplished? Where is my time being wasted? What can I improve on?

That’s what this post is all about. Finding a way to break through and giving you an example of 39 goals you can start setting today to see how much improvement they can indeed bring to your lives once you have accomplished them.

Let’s dive into 23 Personal Goals You Can Start Setting Today to Better Your Life.

#1- Weight Loss and Fitness-This is always one of the top goals people tend to set and with good reason. Why wouldn’t we want to live healthier lives?

Living healthier lives and losing weight can boost energy levels, make us look more physically appealing and extend our natural life spans and keep us free from future health complications.

Never a bad personal goal to consider.

#2- Becoming a Better Spouse- We all know the feeling. The feeling where we haven’t possibly been as caring or time devoting as we should be in a relationship. Maybe it’s the kids getting in the way, and perhaps it’s work. Nonetheless, setting a goal to become a better spouse never a goal that won’t pay dividends towards a healthier mind and marriage.

#3- Becoming a Better Parent- The same applies here as it does with becoming a better spouse. Sometimes we know that we should have made that t-ball game or been home sooner from work to take our kid fishing. I get it. Life gets in the way for all of us.

Setting a personal goal to stay devoted to allocating time for our kids is a goal that when accomplished we never regret but not setting this goal and looking back could be a goal that we do deeply regret not setting in the future.

#4- Giving Up A Bad Habit- This is one of the harder personal goals because usually, a bad habit is still something we enjoy doing daily. Maybe it’s smoking cigarettes or hitting a few too many fast few restaurants daily.

Maybe we even have a bad habit of sleeping in or staying up too late. Nonetheless, setting a goal to start kicking the bad habits out of life and replacing them with good habits is a good step in the right direction.

#5- Learning More Patience– How many of us can honestly, we say we are great with patience? I doubt many can honestly put their hands up to that question. Learning more patience can help you greatly in almost every area of life. Marriage, parenting, business, finances and the list could go on and on.

The point is that learning to become more patient in life can help you to remain level headed and teach you to overcome tough obstacles that much easier.

#6- Better Time Management- Man does this goal take most of us down. It often even finds ways to creep into my life and really derail other goals I’m out to achieve. Learning time management alone can improve literally every area of life. If I had to pick one goal on this list to start with first, it would most likely be this one.

The point and reason behind my logic are simple. Accomplishing this goal first is going to make every single goal on this list that much easier to achieve. It all comes down to how you use the 24 hours you have in a day. Time management can start making you productive and unstoppable.

#7- Becoming More Organized- While we are about getting better with time management, we might as well throw getting more organized into the mix. Sometimes it’s not even time management problem but a problem with being organized and diligent throughout the process. Set a goal today to become more organized and start taking your life back today.

#8- Putting an End to Procrastination- How many more projects could you get done if you began to them right now? How much more time for the family, wife, and kids would you have if you would stop putting the important task off until the last minute.

You see, putting off task, being disorganized and having poor time management can easily start bleeding into other areas of your life becoming negative and overrun. Set a goal today to start acting and stop putting everything off until the last minute.

#9- Eliminating Social Media or Reducing It– Seems like we are finding a trend here now aren’t we. All these goals seem to really feed and play into one another. Social media is a time sucking activity that can quickly begin wasting more hours per day than we can probably count or add up.

Start shifting the time you spend on your mobile devices and doing something more productive with that time. Maybe it’s reading a book or starting a blog or simply accomplishing other daily life tasks.

Doesn’t really matter what the case may be, but the point is simple. Stop wasting time on non-beneficial activities and start retaking control of your life.

#10- Making More Time for Hobbies-This is one of the more fun and uplifting goals on the list. How many of us let life get in the way and make it hard even to get back to doing things we once enjoyed. Fishing, hunting, playing poker with friends are just a few examples.

Regardless of what the case may be, it’s important to be selfish from time to time and start carving out some time for just you to do the things that you love.

It will relieve stress and bring your attitude way up. Get back to doing something enjoyable again in life.

#11- Getting More Involved with The Community- This can be something that’s just on a bucket list or something you have always aspired to do but life always takes priority and never fully lets you get around to becoming a more productive member of society.

Find a local food drive or charity that you can help one weekend a month. Giving back or helping the community can give you a sense of pride and purpose and help you to begin excelling in other areas of life.

Not to mention, sometimes helping someone for free and giving back to the less fortunate just simply feels good and makes us feel as if we are part of something bigger.

#12- Attending Church- Attending church can be a goal the entire family should consider setting. Sometimes things creep into life and begin getting prioritized over other essential items such as attending church.

Maybe the kids travel baseball team plays on Sundays, or perhaps you are behind on work constantly and need Sundays to start catching up.

Whatever the case may be, getting back to the essential parts of life and believing in something bigger may help to bring back some pride and faith. Set a goal to get back to church and getting involved.

#13- Learning Something New- Learning something new doesn’t only keep us sharp, but it helps in many other areas of life. Maybe you learn a new skill that could help you get a raise or work or a new ability that fully allows you to stop working altogether.

Whatever the case may be, you should always have a goal to continue learning and improving yourself.

Develop yourself, skills and mind to continue feeling accomplished. This will also help you to feel less stale and bored. Push yourself to keep trying new difficult things.

#14- Furthering Your Education- This plays back into learning something new. Maybe a few years back life got in the way and caused you to stop your education early or to put in on hold. If things have settled down for you, it’s time to get back out there and finish your education.

Who knows what could come from this? Maybe a new career opportunity or the chance to move to a new city. Whatever the case may be, education and developing yourself should always be a top considered goal to add to the list.

#15- Controlling Your Life- I’m talking about every possible angle for this goal. Taking control of your life can feel good. Maybe you have been non-organized and started to feel like you never honestly had any control of your time or days.

Putting some of the goals on this list into action and slowly starting to act can help you begin controlling every aspect of your life down to each hour.

Yes, I know things can pop up and derail any given day but trying to maintain law and order in your life is a way to boost confidence and motivation and teach you to control your calendar in a fashion that allows you to become something bigger and better in the future.

#16- Striving to Achieve Results- Setting a simple goal to start getting motivated to see results with other goals or action you take is another excellent place to start with personal goal setting. Sometimes the only piece of the puzzle missing Is there mere fact that we stop before achieving or fail to track progress.

Make a goal to track progress and start achieving results and see how things begin shaking out for you.

#17- Becoming More Motivated- This is a bigger more difficult goal, but it’s still an important one. Set a goal to just find ways to motivate yourself and get yourself alive, pumped and ready for action.

It’s tough to achieve anything in life without effectively finding motivation and a reason why behind the goals we set.

Set a goal to discover and learn what motivates you and then begin using that fuel to drive yourself through other more difficult goals.

#18- Run A Marathon- This goes back to the health and fitness goals we discussed in #1. Running a marathon is tough and takes a lot of time and motivation. Setting a goal to run a marathon may help you in a lot of other areas of life such as motivation, discipline and even time management.

If you aren’t a runner so to speak, you can pick another health and fitness related goal to set for yourself but make sure it’s slightly out of reach or somewhat difficult to achieve. It will help to build discipline, character and give you a boost of self-confidence when you finally complete your goal.

#19- Start a Blog- Starting a blog isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something you have considered, you should pull the trigger.

This can be a small or large goal depending on what kind of blog you are trying to start and for what reasons but nonetheless, it’s a great goal that can help you get thoughts out to an audience and even eventually make money from the blog in the future.

#20- Fix up Your Home- Maybe your home has a lot of old fixes that need to be completed. Maybe you have been putting them off for years. Well now is the time to make a list of all these items and start knocking them out one by one.

Doing so will get you motivated to complete more task and make your home more physically appealing. Not to mention it will probably earn you some brownie points with the spouse. Make a list and get started.

#21- Reaching Out to Old Friends– Maybe through your busy career or a growing family, you have lost contact with some old friends and have some guilt built up over it. Whatever the case may be, find some time to re-connect.

Make it a personal goal to spend time with those old friends again. It can help towards getting you more socially active and be a nice break from the stresses of everyday life.

#22- Become More Forgiving- We all know that we can become stubborn over some of the small things in life. Well learning to stop sweating the little things can be a big boost to every other in life. Have any grudges you are still holding over someone?

Still upset with a sibling or a friend over something that could easily be let go? Well, make it a goal to start giving these little things go so you can start enjoying life and enjoying the people around you daily.

#23- Aspire to Greatness-I like to end on a positive note to make it simple and tie all these goals together into one beautiful package. Set a goal to aspire towards something bigger and better. Shoot for the stars and start setting goals that take time, effort and heart to complete.

Don’t try and lose 2 pounds this year but work and become in the best shape of your life. Don’t start just a blog but build one of the best blogs in your niche this year. Do something crazy and do something amazing and start setting goals to aspire towards greatness.

You deserve it, and so does everyone that cares about you.

The Final Word, It Doesn’t Matter Which Goal You Choose, Just Get Started

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which of the goals on the list you decide to chase or go after.

It’s just important that you get started and start improving yourself and your life. You don’t have to overdo it and try to accomplish everything on this list, but you should at least pick one goal to get started with.

I don’t know one single person that may be reading this that can’t take one of the suggestions on our list and become a better more well-rounded person.

Whether it’s the bad habit or improving your marriage, there is always something we can do better, and we should continually be pushing to do so.

Which goal are you going to choose to work on and why? Do you believe any other personal goals should be added to our list? Be sure to leave a comment below, and we will be sure to keep this post updated.

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