Do You Need to Be Passionate About Your Goals to Achieve Them?

Do You Need to Be Passionate About Your Goals to Achieve Them?

Goals are something all of us have struggled with most likely dozens of times in the past.  Doesn’t necessarily matter the reason behind the struggle or what the goals even consisted of.  Sometimes it’s weight loss, and sometimes it’s financial or even relationship goals.

Regardless of the goals themselves, we often come up short and look for quick answers to address the reason as to why we keep coming up short.  Passion can be a big item holding you back and causing issues.  Not always but definitely a majority of the time this could be the case.

What Is Passion Anyways?

What is passion anyway? Do you need to be passionate about your goals to achieve them? Yes, the emotion behind goals can be your primary fuel and driving force to reach the finish line for your goals.  Too many obstacles and tough days stand in the way.

If you aren’t passionate about your goals or have a strong reason why it can be challenging to push through the hard times and unfortunate circumstances that are bound to come upon your path toward success countless times.

Things Will Get Difficult- Passion Keeps the Train Moving

It gets hard achieving goals for countless reasons.  For most who find success, passion is what kept the train moving and allowed them to push through when most people would not.  I’d argue outside of passion for what you are doing, nothing is more important, except a substantial reason “why.”  The strong reason “why” may also be directly related to your passion as well.

Sometimes your “why” and passion can boil down to something as simple as, eliminating debt.  Sometimes it’s something deeper such as becoming a better father.  Regardless, what it is, you will need both or want to discover your passion for truly unlocking some of your inner drive and ability to achieve goals.

It may be tough, but everything naturally falls in line when your following passion and have that strong reason backing your goals.

How Do You Develop Passion for Success?

This also isn’t as easy as it may sound.  A lot goes into finding and developing a passion.  Some individuals are lucky enough to just know their passion right from the beginning.  Some use it to pursue things such as becoming doctors, lawyers or successful entrepreneurs.  For some of us, it takes work to find our passion actively.

You can start by just asking yourself “Am I Passionate about What I’m Doing”?

If the answer is no.  Maybe it’s time to make a change?  Sometimes it’s not always about finding what you love but learning to stop doing the things you don’t like.  The rest will come to you.  You only live once.  Do what you feel passion for and what you’re passionate about.

Goal setting and achieving goals will become much easier when you adopt this state of mind and learn to get rid of the negativity and learn to stop wasting time on things you absolutely hate doing.

What Do You Need to Reach Your Goals?

Inner drive, a reason why and some passion are three sides of the triangle for the beginning stages of goals and accomplishing what you set how to do.  Here’s a quick list that can help you get on the right track toward achieving goals.

•    Ask yourself, Am I passionate about what I’m doing? If you’re not, is this what’s holding you back?

•    Learn to Stop the Actions That You Feel No Passion Towards

•    Clearly Visualize Your Goals and The Path It Takes to Reach Them.  What were you doing?  The current career you are in now? Did you achieve them some other way or doing things differently?

How to Know if You Have A Passion and How to Find It

The first way to find your passion or recognize that you have seen it is simply to just to self-reflect a little. Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Do you dread it every single day and struggle even to wake up?

These are early indicators that whatever you are doing probably isn’t your real passion.  You should be able to get lost in a passion for chunks of time.  Waking up should never feel like a daunting task.

How much easier would it be to achieve goals if you were springing out of bed at 5am ready to take on the world? That’s where passion comes into play.  It doesn’t need to be some overbearing joy and love.

It does, however, need to be challenging, exciting and something you can look forward to each day.

It shouldn’t Feel Like Work.  If it Doesn’t, Goals Will Become Easier Along the Way.

Goals and milestones are never 100% easy, and we have covered this in several other posts. You will always have all the potential roadblocks and hazards that try to stop success in its tracks.  It does, however, become a hell of a lot easier to achieve goals when you have a drive and excitement behind them.

Hell, failures don’t even hurt as much when this is the scenario because you’re hungry and your eager to learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.  Most people with a real passion and a few failures under the belt understand that it’s just part of the game.

What’s the other key we always discuss?  Fail fast.  This is easy when your goals are backed by passion but a considerable danger when they are not.

Principals to Apply If You Truly Want to Success

Some fundamental principles to apply if you genuinely want to find success is what this entire post is focused around.  Find your passion or what doesn’t make you dread the sound of the alarm clock.

•    Set crystal clear goals with a definite ending point in mind.

•    Understanding failing is part of the game and Attempt to Do It Quickly (Fail Fast)

•    Be excited and eager to learn as much as possible about your passion and goals

•    Stay on the path through numerous beat downs and failed attempts. Eventually, it will happen for you.

Downfalls of Having No Passion?

Plenty of downfalls present themselves when you are trying to achieve to goals with absolutely no passion backing your journey and desired outcomes.  Burnout is going to occur faster; self-doubt will creep in and ultimately what you believe are “goals” are more just “dreams.” Nothing more and nothing less.

It’s important to understand the difference.  Goals require work, discipline, and consistency.  Dreams need sleeping soundly enough to have them.  There is a big difference between the two.  Without passion, the discipline, consistency and hard work aren’t going to feel very good, and you will eventually fizzle out like an old candle.

With passion, you will consistently push through, take the failures in stride and learn to adapt as quickly as possible.

I’m not saying all goals require this deep burning passion, but I think we all can admit that it helps immensely if the goals are backed by passion instead of just a “to do list.”

Passion is What Drives You Through Failure- It’s as Easy As 1,2,3

We have mentioned it plenty of times, and the point is to beat a dead horse here, but failures are going to come in bunches.  Some goals that don’t necessarily run into dozens or hundreds of failures are the ones that sometimes you can get away with achieving without passion being involved or that don’t require passion in such a deep manner.

It’s the other goals (the big ones) that passion can be your main teammate in.  The passion is what’s going to keep you pushing forward when most others have given up.  The others who have given up are…. you guessed it, the ones with no passion for what they are doing.

Your Turn, How Are You Going to Find Your Passion and Achieve Your Goals?

Again, passion is not always 100% required and varies substantially based on what you are trying to achieve.  The main points and takeaways are simple.  If you are lucky enough to have the passion or smart enough to actively seek something your passionate about, goals will naturally be more straightforward to chase and deliver upon.  Plain and simple. 

So, what are you going to do about it?

What are you going to do to actively attempt to stop doing the things you dislike and get on a path where achieving goals becomes at least a little bit easier or more tolerable?  Are you going to make any significant changes to ensure you begin doing the things you are passionate about and enjoy?  Share your stories with us, drop a comment below.

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