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How Does Setting Goals Increase Motivation?

By Weston I. Nash / December 24, 2018

We have all been there, Happy New Year! Followed by a whole list of resolutions (goals) that is going to make this year the year we change for the better. We are going to lose weight, get in the best shape or our lives, get that promotion or start your own business.You have a whole […]


Is It Better To Dream Big Or Be Realistic?

By Weston I. Nash / December 23, 2018

Whenever anyone asks a question that starts with “is it better…” then for sure the answer they get is going to most likely be an opinion from the answerer. But when it comes to the question of being a dreamer vs being a realist I think you can nail down some great examples that prove that […]


Do We Need To Set Goals?

By Weston I. Nash / December 20, 2018

When I recently starting to write this blog, I knew what I wanted to achieve but it seemed like an impossible task. So I did some research and found one of the most important tasks that I need to do first. I needed to set goals that I could reach. So why do we need to […]


Positive Thinking – Even The Doubters Use It

By Weston I. Nash / November 5, 2017

You’ve all heard about positive thinking and how it could aid us turn our lives about. You could discount it as well as call it a con but deep down you understand it’s actually the truth. Why? Allow me describe. If you truly think of we all assume were going to get up tomorrow morning, […]

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