The Best Mobile Apps for Goal Setting [13 Amazing Apps to Try]


When it comes to getting things done and achieving goals, sometimes we need a little boost or some extra help. Depending on your personality, this can come from many different sources. Sometimes it’s a friend or family member keeping you motivated and sometimes it’s our own inner drive and “reason why.”

However, sometimes it’s none of these avenues. Sometimes it’s something completely different. In some circumstances, sometimes we turn to technology. I’m referring to mobile apps. Sure, they can’t create inner drive, and they can’t make your “reason why” come to life, but they can sure help keep things organized and keep you on track.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get things done. It’s not always our belief in ourselves, but it’s our abilities to stay organized.

Sometimes just having today’s to-do list right in front of us and finding ways to track our good habits and our bad habits is what can make the slightest difference in our production and ultimately make the most significant difference towards us achieving our goals.

With that being said, I want to take the time to introduce some mobile apps that can take you from a mess of papers and disorganization and lift you into a world of production, organization and a world where you finally get things done. In addition, you get things done on time and begin to dominate the competition.

Let’s dive into the top 13 mobile apps you can use to boost production today.

13 of The Best Mobile Apps for Boosting Production and Staying Organized


Monday started recently but at one time was referred to as Dapulse. It can take all your clutter and disorganization and put you into a situation where everything that’s important to your goals, daily task and workday can be organized into one neat hub or friendly interface.

For me, just having everything organized in a neat fashion, helps me accomplish things with much more efficiency. If you follow many of another blog post, you aware that one of the biggest reasons people get off task is not having any of the task they need to complete written down.

This ultimately puts you into a disorganized “wing it” state of mind which in many situations, finally ends with you accomplishing nearly nothing for the day. Having all your task is a neat interface where you can see what’s been completed and what still needs to be performed can serve as a great reminder.

Especially if it’s in your face all day long.

At that point, it’s difficult to ignore the task and gets borderline annoying not to complete the task so you can change that tab from needs completed to “work completed.”


Remente is one of those apps that is built around the idea of having a life coach. A life coach that’s also right at your fingertips all the time. Remente is also an excellent app for production and achieving goals merely because it helps keep all your thoughts bound together in one easy spot to locate. It’s like having a free journal.

In addition, Remente comes packed and loaded with other features such as live time notifications for the upcoming task and helps you to meet deadlines. If the organization and getting your thoughts onto paper is a weak point for you, an app like Remente should help solve this problem easy for you.

I highly recommend giving it a chance.

#3-Habit Bull

Habit bull is an app that’s designed to remove bad habits and reinforce the right habits. It’s also highly effective at adding organization back into your life which is an area we all know can help production and get us closer to achieving our goals.

Many find habit bull the most effective at tracking bad progress and accomplishing progress through successful logins, managing and monitoring items such as smoking, having a few too many drinks or even spending too much time during the day watching television instead of getting things done.

The entire point behind Habit Bull is to begin taking the negative influences out of your life, becoming more productive and seeing where you really are spending time.

Knowledge is power, and when you can begin to learn where time is being wasted, you can really start focusing on the critical task that needs to be completed.

Lastly, Habit Bull comes full of additional help and support by accessing the community feature where you can reach out and communicate with others who are also trying to break the bad habits and start getting on track to living a more productive and successful life.

#4-Coach Me

Coach me is another mobile app that’s like Habit Bull. It’s built around the premise of using habit tracking and coaching to take you to the next level. The idea is for you to start being more productive and eliminate the items in life that are standing in your way instead of pushing you in the best possible direction.

Coach me also has a community dedicated to helping you become more productive and use positive reinforcement to keep you on the correct path. The app is designed to boost accountability, increase your motivation and keep you accomplishing the task in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s a mobile app worth checking out if you are ready to take your life to the next level.


Habitca uses a unique approach. It’s designed to take the gaming community and turn them into productive and accomplished individuals. The task individuals use to improve at using the app vary, but some of the notable tracking features help people accomplish the following task with more efficiency.

•    Health and Fitness

•    School and Work

•    Personal Goals and Creative Projects

It’s one of the more unique apps I have seen in recent times. It doesn’t hit the top 3, but the level of fun mixed in with production was enough to let it land in my top 5 apps that can get you on the right track and keep you motivated.


Strides has plenty of features that can help boost production and help you achieve goals. Stride currently allows you to track good and bad habits and even set goals based on dates to give you a hard deadline.

In addition, you can track other vital items such as sleep, milestones reached and log your daily thoughts using the “note” feature on the app.

It has a free version and a paid version, but for most of the functionality, the free version will give you everything you need to start getting a head start towards goals being achieved and productivity increasing quickly.

#7-Habit List

Habit list is one of the mobile apps that has an extremely clean user interface and has one of the easiest to use habit trackers we have seen.

In addition, your goals and progress can be tracked using stats, graphs, and charts to give you many ways of viewing the data so that you can easily tweak and make improvements on the fly.

Habit list also has a nice calendar interface for staying organized and can sing to your Mac or Smartphone so that you can access the dashboard via desktop or your mobile device.

Habit list has a free and paid version as well.

Depending on what additional features you are looking for, you may be better suited using the free version.

It appears to have a bulk of the needed functionality at your fingertips for no charge at all.

#8-Ways of Life

Ways of life are yet another habit tracking mobile app that’s hit the app stores and google play stores in recent time. What I like most about the platform is how fast and easy it is to record progress, daily notes and track the necessary data towards becoming more productive.

Its premises are keeping you reminded when good habits are formed and when bad habits are finally broken. It’s designed to help program your mind to stay away from the negative things in life and keep pushing towards the positives.

I also love the diary function it has for easy note-taking, and the graphs and charts display that can be used to analyze your progress from several different angles and really give you as much insight as possible.

It can track plenty of data. You can review data from a few weeks back, months or even years so you can really see the trends on when you have breakthroughs or possible spot weaknesses that commonly leave you being held back or not making much progress.


This is another app designed to keep you accountable and track performance. As you know, it’s what you do, not what you say you are going to do that ultimately begins achieving goals.

After you open the app, you will be allowed to assign a weight to the goal from 1-100 giving specific goals and actions more priority than other goals.

As your complete actions, you will also be scored. You start every week fresh and at zero points, and as your complete task, the app will reward you points, and the idea is to end the week with 100 points.

You can invite team members, communicate with other members and start building accountability and work together towards common goals.

You can select from three versions of this app. Personal Use, Team Use or Enterprise Use which makes it a viable option for several different application regardless of how many individuals need to be held accountable throughout the process.


Momentum is one of the apps on this list that is much simpler than the others. It can be added as a tab on your browser and is primarily designed to help you track your daily task along with other items such daily goals, goals you have set and focus items that need attention.

Also, you can set the app to help track smaller items such as uptime and downtime and have built-in weather forecast displaying to you while in use. This is more of a calendar or journal type app that can be used on desktop or mobile.

Overall, for simple tracking and keeping motivation, it’s a viable option to keep you up and running towards your goals.

#11- Evernote

Evernote is designed to take note-taking and tracking ideas to the next level. Simply capturing thoughts on paper and getting them out onto paper is a trait many of the most successful people in the world have in common.

It’s imperative that when an idea strikes that you execute or at least take note of it, so it doesn’t pass or become a past thought that you ultimately forget. Taking notes can make ideas blossom and to have a platform as fully developed as Evernote surely helps accomplish this task.

Become more organized, get thoughts out of your head and start putting your great ideas onto paper so that these ideas and dreams can begin to come to fruition and blossom.


Wanderlist is another time management tool designed to organize and pump efficiency from every angle possible. You can assemble your to-do list, grocery list and even your household list of items that need to be completed.

Additionally, Wunderlist has an excellent interface for setting due dates, reminders that can be set and the ability to assign another individuals list of tasks to complete.

This can help you miss another deadline or important item needing to be achieved without issue. Wanderlist is also compatible with all devices including iPhone, IPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and your primary web browser.

You can collaborate with your team, complete task and inch your way back towards goals and desires with an app like Wunderlist.

#13-Goals on Track

The goals on track app are one of the best in business for sure. Goals on track are all about setting smart goals and allowing you to finally motivate yourself and track daily progress.

You can take your goals and break them down into small sub-goals and even break them down by categories to help you keep motivated and on track.

It can be separated by personal goals and business goals. You can even build out your custom action plans toward meeting your goals and decide what actions to take on certain days or during certain times of the day.

The customizations that can be used with this application are what we find incredibly appealing about using this app.

It can really allow you to take each step throughout the app and tailor it towards your preferences and taste. Sometimes just finding an app that you are comfortable with can help significantly with achieving your goals.

It’s Always Up to You with Production and Mobile Apps   

Regardless of how good of an app you find, it does always rely on you applying the tools and using them. None of these apps really serve any purpose at all if you don’t have the motivation to open them up and begin storing the data inside of them.

When you put them to use and execute all the functions they offer is when mobile apps can be taken to a level to really help you accelerate your progress, knowledge and your future.

With everything, it takes some self-discipline and motivation even when we have the best tools at our fingertips. Using them is only step 1 towards achieving your goals and making real progress.

With all these apps, the common theme is that you need to track everything and keep tabs on bad habits, time wasted and find ways to improve your life and manage your time more effectively.

Doing so can only help to motivate and start placing the most important things in being in the front seat and in the front of your mind.

Putting It All Together, Mobile Apps When Used Can Greatly Increase Production

When mobile apps are used for the purposes they are intended and designed for, they can be a huge motivator and organizer for your daily life. They can help you accomplish the task with ease and keep every thought, action and plan you have up in your mind developing and getting itself onto paper.

This is huge towards keeping your thoughts organized, and yourself locked in and focused. Without a clear mind and understanding what you are trying to accomplish it can become easy to get knocked off track or let time begin to diminish away during the day slowly.

Not with these apps. Don’t lose time watching television. Don’t go back to old bad habits such as smoking or having one too many drinks at happy hour. Track your progress and keep making strides towards improving yourself and eventually a breakthrough can happen for you.

It’s just a matter of time when you apply self-discipline and become motivated towards achieving something more significant.

What’s your opinion on what the best phone app is? What app do you recommend? Do any apps need to be added to our list? If so, be sure to drop a comment below, and we will be sure to add them and continue to update our list.

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