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What is my path?
Together lets plan and learn how to get the most out of this journey together –  Write Your Own Rules, Inner Power and Never Give Up

How to know the deeper purpose to my life?
Bring together science and spirituality and understand how they work together and then realize the enormity of who we are and our role in the growth of humanity.

What’s the point of it all? Why am I here?
It is not magic – here you will not just find a lot of fluff – practical advice is in these pages and the answers await you and they are clearly shown – they are visible if you open your mind and look … they will show you the way…

Will I ever be happy?
One of the ways to learn is by understanding the Law of Attraction. Here you will find out what is it and how to use it to be happy (once you define what that is for you).

Will I ever be successful?
Once you understand the Law of Attraction and Manifestation the Affirmations and other tools you find here will guide you to success (happy), again if you open your mind and apply what you learn.

Let’s start by talking about the basic idea of The Law of Attraction.

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is the belief that like attracts like and within a person is an energy set made of positive and negative vibes.

Scientists that study The Law Attraction refer to these as vibrations referred to simple as negative vibes or positive vibes and this energy is real on the psychological plane and will affect you at any time in your life.

These negative vibes and positive vibes most of the time manifest as a response to some form of environmental stimulus…

Which means something will happen which will cause you to feel happy, sad, scared, confused, stressed, etc.

Your subconscious response to this due to the fact that vibes are generated and projected from the subconscious rather than the conscious and is something that is beyond your control, at first.

Understating what in your life creates and builds up each vibe…

And working to maintain a level of positive energy is the key to your success in all things that make up your life.

Positive vibes, ones generated from good feelings, such as:

– Joy
– Love
– Excitement
– Abundance (of anything that causes a positive response)
– Pride
– Comfort
– Confidence
– Affection

Negative vibes, ones generated from negative feelings, such as:

– Disappointment
– Loneliness
– Lack (of any of life’s necessities or luxuries)
– Sadness
– Confusion
– Stress
– Anger
– Hurt

Now that you understand that this energy steers your life in different directions and understand the importance of needing to control this energy and maintain a positive balance…

Lets look at 3 powerful techniques that will guide you to successfully being able to obtain whatever you want out of life.

Understand there is no short cut when using these 3 powerful techniques…

But once you learn them and start to use them it will become second nature and become the most positive part of your daily routine.

The importance of these 3 powerful techniques will enhance your mind …

Simply because they will also enhance you both mentally and physically to create a complete healthy total whole human being.

And without further ado these 3 powerful techniques are positive affirmations, creative visualizations and positive thinking.

Positive Affirmations

These are simply decisions in which you are acknowledging positivity while work to maintain the energy balance in your life.

This means affirming (or stating clearly and regularly) the things you want to do in a positive way.

Affirmations are your “guide” to providing a clearer picture with regards to what you are thinking…

And even to understanding what other people say to you.

By using this, you are taking the opportunity and building fresh ideas and thoughts and with these new ideas and mental images being produced in your mind you are knowing simply affirming all things in a positive way.

Also, affirmations are your mental guide in developing your future plans and action. So be sure to remember to make good choices and affirm the things you want to do in a positive way.

You also must be optimistic about your affirmations and the things you want to achieve.

The good thing about positive affirmations is that you are able to draw out the true strength within you…

Your inner power, both physically and mentally and you are utilizing this to maintain your intentions in a positive manner.

Remember that when you are ready to start using your positive affirmations you must do so with a clear mind.

This means you must clear out both your conscious and unconscious mind from negative images that enters in your mind … this way, your affirmations and good decisions are done without any hesitation.

Do Positive Affirmation Work?

Yes once your mind is cleared and relaxed positive affirmation work.

Doubts will run through your mind at first causing the affirmations to not be duly be “claimed” since doubts in your mind may stop you from affirming the things you want.

But as you learn to control the doubts and you provide enough space in your mind to let your positive affirmations work you will eliminate the stress and negativity in your mind and empower your inner strength to effectively utilize your affirmations.

Now that you have prepared your mind, your affirmations can be done with a relaxed mind and you can think optimistically and you will then start building up your skills and actions to get what you have always wanted.

Be sure to keep in mind that using positive affirmations is similar to creative visualizations …

As you must create mental pictures of the images you want by using the power of your mind to confirm and achieve your goals.

As we talked about earlier with the Law of Attraction …

It is the only rule in the world where “like attracts like”.

And by using the rule set forth in this law and creating positive vibes …

You will allure positive energies all throughout your life and increase your chances of abundance in all things in your life.

Manifesting Your Affirmations

Once you begin to affirm the things you want in your life you also will have to manifest it positively.

To do this you must declare your affirmations without hesitation … and avoid using words that are negative.

You cannot be afraid to say the things you want to achieve.

Instead focus and use positive affirmations as your “inspiration” to be successful.

As an example, one of the best affirmations to use is about health …

It is more positive to say, “I am healthy” vs “I will be healthy”.

When you make statements this way, you are already affirming that you are definitely healthy.

Another example and a way to apply affirmations towards a wealthy mindset is that you should manifest this by telling yourself, “I am wealthy” vs “I will be wealthy”.

To get started today, you should begin manifesting affirmations in your mind…

These are just some of the affirmations you should confirm using the power of your mind.

• I can get what I want
• I am beautiful
• I can forgive and forget
• I love myself
• I can change for the better
• I have time for myself
• I am one with God
• I am loved
• I am not alone
• I am respected
• I am happy
• I am a good father
• I am a good mother
• I am a good son/daughter
• I love my family
• I am wealthy

Implement Your Affirmations

Ok now we are at the stage where the real work begins and it time to implement your positive affirmations.

So how much work is this going to be? And did I just waste my time reading to get this far and now you tell me I have to work to get what I want?

Here is the deal, you cannot just say these affirmations in your mind …

You also have to take action and get moving to get what you want.

Start by working your affirmations into your daily routines.

Let’s go over some of the actions that will help you get started with your affirmations are as follows:

Use A Mirror

Start your morning by using your affirmations when you are looking in the mirror.

By doing this, you begin to start empowering your mind and body and this starts to fill your daily life and with positive outcome.

A good example of this is when you are getting for work…

Look at yourself in the mirror and clearly state, “I am happy to go to work” vs “I will be happy to go to work”.

This will start your day by affirming to yourself that you are happy to go to work and this action will take you through your day with an increase in positive energy that will in turn attract other positive energy…

This is about making your day the best it can be.

Write It Down

One of the best ways to implement anything is write it down, this makes it become real, so write down your affirmations.

Making a list and reading this list of affirmations every day is a fantastic way to inspire you in your everyday endeavors.

Make Them Visible

Another great way is to make your affirmations visible…

By adding the sense of sight into making your affirmations manifest themselves is a sure fire way to attract positive energy.

The can easily be done by using simple pictures or things that you see every day, both at home and at work.

A great example of this is using a picture of the car you want.

Just simply place this picture in front of your mirror at home …

Placing it on your phone and/or computer screensaver, and posting the picture at your work desk to simply affirm that is the thing you want and this is the car you will get.

The image the car will serve as your “inspiration” in earning this new car…

And this will affirm it repeatedly every time you see the image of the car.

Creative Visualization

The act of creative visualization is the use of your inner power…

And where you are also empowering your mind to get what you want.

This is a mind technique that has also been used for generations by other religions, in a more spiritual manner…

It’s used by such religions as Hinduism to attain spiritual enlightenment.

One thing for certain with creative visualization is you must picture in your mind the things you really want.

And although most of the time you will be picturing in your mind materials things and it is still within your reach if you practice visualizing these things.

This technique of using visualization will allow you to find success regardless of your profession.

To enhance your creative visualization, start with the steps that follow.

Step 1 – Empower Visualization

It is important that you empower and enhance your visualization techniques, as a student, a professional or an ordinary person, you will visualize using your imagination and get what you want.

Let’s use a professional athlete a swimmer as an example…

All you must do to implement your creative visualization is begin by thinking about having the perfect stroke or movements as you swim.

Then when you practice your swimming techniques…

Now you are visualizing your stroke techniques and with this, you are mentally training your muscles to make it stronger and have the perfect stroke.

Let’s use a more common example of a thing you want like visualizing your dream car.

The first thing you will do is to visualize the brand, the model and the color of the car you want and then you are inspired in your work since you have a goal to reach and this is by having your very own dream car.

Step 2 – Be in Control

Just saying that you are going to use creative visualization is not the way it works, you also must be in control of your thoughts.

Never let negative energy enter your mind this will only “cloud” your creative visualization.

Always remember that as you implement creative visualization, you are also empowering your body and this is the reason your actions will be one with your visualizations.

By thinking about the law of attraction and applying your positive energy towards your goals this will complement with what you are thinking.

Always stayed focused and use the power of your mind and be in control.

Sometimes, you will be unable to say the things you need to say out loud…

but you can maintain your creative visualization and then you can even shout it out loud in your mind.

Maintaining the control of your creative visualization is not as hard as you may think, all you have to do is think happy thoughts and images.

Use these happy thoughts and images to control your visualizations and this will help you eliminate or clear away the negative images that may run through your mind.

Confidence is also a must to control your creative visualization.

If you don’t have enough confidence then the used of your imagination towards reaching goals is not attained since you believe that you will not be able to achieve success and your mind is still “clouded” with negativity.

Step 3 – Spark Your Visualization

If you want to achieve your goals you will have to think of better ways on how you can implement your creative visualization and in turn get the things you want.

So, when you wake up in the morning, spark your creative visualization by thinking positively…

Don’t let problems take over your mind but instead wake up in the morning thinking about having a beautiful life, a beautiful environment and a new day ahead of you.

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is another mind power technique to help you get the things you want in life.

Positive thinking will also enhance your health, your spiritual and emotional growth.

The impact of positive thinking will change your life for the better …

What this means that you will be able to erase the negative aspects in your mind.

Your mind should stay focused and think of the positive things that are already happening in your life.

But you are probably wondering, how are you able to erase the negative thoughts that run through your mind?

First you will have to search for the main cause of negativity in your mind and once you have found it, think deeply and really take the time to look within yourself.

When you start to find the answers to these negative thoughts …

Set forth on the path of making them disappear by empowering your mind with your positive thinking.

In this way, you can eliminate the negative images in your mind and you can move forward towards achieving your goals in a positive way.

To advance further in your journey of positive thinking, consider the following steps and set forth on the road to success and start attaining your goals in life.

Step 1 – Have a Positive Mindset

Before you can start having a positive mindset, you must be and remain healthy physically and mentally.

This simply means that you must eat well, exercise, your mind mentally and your body physically …

Exercise your mind by reading books that relates positive ideas and your body by exercising every day.

This is the path that will make sure you are ready to begin implementing positive actions.

Also forgive yourself of any negative energy don’t be hesitant in doing this since this will only be holding you back.

When you are, ready and have a positive mindset, there can still be negative aspects you need to conquer. So after you forgive yourself, also give credit to yourself as well.

Giving yourself this credit will allow your mind to be cleared from the “perils” of negativity and you can move on with a positive mindset and with this, you can get what you want.

You also must visualize positively and think happy thoughts and positive images to help you attain your goals.

Step 2 – Positive Concentration

Having a positive concentration means you must meditate positively…

Erase all the negative aspects that are “overcrowding” your mind, be still and meditate deeply.

Start this by allowing yourself to just relax and search deeper towards the positive things that will happen in your mind.

Believe in yourself and don’t just dwell on negativity…

Even if you think you have done wrong, don’t dwell on the negative aspects, just allow yourself to be free and concentrate and clear your mind.

Another positive concentration in which you can use for positive thinking is to enhance yourself spiritually by praying fervently.

When I say praying, I am not referring to a certain religion or in the normal context of praying to God or Jesus…

I mean praying in the sense, regardless of your religion, to ask a higher power for guidance and seek the truths of the positive energy that is available in the universe.

This praying is an exercise and is meant to relax your mind.

Be sure that you are in a quiet place once you pray and by doing this, your mind will be relaxed and positive things will “enter” into your mind because you are inspired by the truths you seek.

It is also a great idea to speak positive words, or sometimes called affirmations as we talked about earlier…

Because once you concentrate on positive words, you will eventually be skilled in having a positive attitude as well.

Remember that it may take you some time to concentrate on having a positive mind since you need to learn how to take away the negative aspects that maybe “clouding” your mind.

Remain patient and resist negative thoughts.

Step 3 – Pull Your Desires By Using Your Positive Mind

Pulling your desires using your positive mind is just like a magnet wherein you are making your desires happen “physically”.

So, how are you able to do this?

First you must believe.

It is a fact that you must believe in yourself positively.

You also must believe that your dreams will truly happen.

This is the reason why you must believe so you are able to shape in your mind the things you want to achieve and make them happen.

You will also use your positive mind to monitor all your actions and emotions.

With this, you are assuring that your actions are done effectively and your desires are achieved.

To your success always,

Weston I. Nash

Weston I Nash