Overcoming 19 Obstacles To Achieve Your Goals [Don’t Give Up]


So, we have our goals filed away in our brain, and we are eager to get started and finally get something done the correct way this time. We have a plan (sort of), and this time, nothing is going to hold us back. We have tried too many times and failed, and this time it absolutely must be right, and we must get it done. No more excuses. Or will there be more excuses?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to go about overcoming 19 obstacles to achieve your goals.

So let’s start and break down 19 common obstacles and excuses that will show up right on your doorstep with the motive to knock you on your back, push you against a wall and ruin your goals and dreams.

I hope that seeing these goals laid out before you, may just help one person make the adjustments necessary and have the right mental attitude to get things done this time. Let’s move into a slight moment of motivation before diving into all the negativity and obstacles that aren’t far from coming true.

Start with Actions and Believe- It’s the Gateway to Success

Keep in mind that belief in the beginning stages of goal setting is your fuel for the fire. Nothing significant happens if you can’t picture it. Also, daydreaming or thinking you will become a millionaire only in your sleep doesn’t do anybody any good.

Don’t’ worry we will cover that as well. The point is, believe it’s going to happen this time and plan to take some massive action so that we can get you to a spot where you are seeing some real hard results. You deserve it, and your family does too!

Stop Telling Yourself You Can’t Do This or That You Don’t Belong

This is more of the “imposter syndrome” taking over. Just because it’s going to be hard and you haven’t done it before, does not mean that you don’t belong. You can become an expert at anything faster than you believed possible if you put your mind to it. Get that nasty goal sucking thought out of your head and understand that if you can see it and feel it, you can achieve it.

Let’s Get Detailed and Get Your Thoughts on Paper- Channel That Energy

A last word of advice before diving into all the things that you are about to hate with a passion. Get detailed with goals before even beginning. It’s tough to troubleshoot and find the root of problems if you don’t have a clear path and a clear vision. Get your goals out of your head and into a journal. Track progress, track failures, and track successes. Later down the road, you will be delighted you took the 10 seconds to write a few things down. Trust me.

Time to Get Busy and Learn What’s Ahead for Us- The Obstacles to Expect with Goals

Now, let’s transition into some of the most common obstacles individuals face when trying to accomplish goals. These are what I have noticed throughout goal-setting for myself and what I believe can de-rail many others during the journey to success. They may not be the most common that you see all over the internet, but these are directly from my own experience and what I believe crushes goals in a moments time.

I’m sure if they were obstacles that tried dragging me down, they might very well be obstacles that are trying to pull you underwater as well. Let’s dive into the top obstacles that you are going to face and get you ready to crush and dominate your goals this time around.

Obstacle #1- Get Out of Your Own Mind- Stop Believing It’s Not Possible.

This will creep in at one point or another. The feeling that your goal is not obtainable is something we all go through. Your mind will find hundreds of reasons to convince you that you can’t get this goal completed. Keep in mind your brain is also designed to protect you. It doesn’t want you doing scary things or things that may result in you getting hurt. You must keep pushing on.

An Easy Fix

Find other people in the area of the goals you are trying to achieve who have had success. Network with them. Understand them and understand that they had fears and hesitation as well. This will get you believing that what you are out to accomplish is, indeed, possible.

Obstacle #2- No More Procrastination- It’s Time to Get Busy and Time to Get It Done

A considerable obstacle anytime we set out to achieve anything is analysis paralysis.  We all find reasons to sit and place and get nothing done. We find reasons to wait till tomorrow or even the weekend to begin planning or getting anything done. This doesn’t work and causes many goals to fail before even beginning.

An Easy Fix

The important thing here is just to get moving. It doesn’t matter how big or small the first action is, you just have to get started in some fashion. Small actions with small results build momentum and begin showing results. Find a small task that leads you towards your goals in some manner and just gets started today. Start right now. There is no better time than right now!

Obstacle #3- Stop Being a Victim- It’s Time to Become A Predator and Take Responsibility

Blaming others and finding excuses is very common when goals begin to show signs of failure. It happens to all of us. Some of the greats always found ways to overcome this and take full responsibility, but for most of us, it’s common to point the finger. It’s never our fault but the product of other circumstances. Sound familiar?

An Easy Fix

Take full responsibility. Stop playing the victim card and thinking everyone is out to get you. No one is out to get you. However, everyone is out and chasing the same thing that you are. Outwork them and toss the excuses to the curb and get hunting if you want this obstacle to be shoved out of the way for good.

Obstacle #4- What Do You Really Want? – Stop Being Vague- Time to Figure Out What You Want

Vague and non-specific goals are dream killers. It’s tough to accomplish anything if you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there. It’s even more hard to get there without getting the ideas out of your head. Unfortunately, this is a widespread goal killer. People set vague, meaningless goals that tend to disappear in the blink of an eye.

An Easy Fix

Get as specific as humanly possible. Create the entire roadmap that you need to take and accomplish to complete the goal. Things become much clearer when you start using this mindset and setting clear, detailed and achievable goals. Start getting specific and writing down your action plan.

Obstacle #5- Excuses Sound the Best to Those Making Them. How Many Excuses Do You Have Left?

Excuses are the normal trend in every form imaginable. I don’t have time is one example. I don’t have money is another common example. I don’t know what I’m doing. Well, that’s the same circumstances for more of the population than you may think, and they are still grinding and fighting. You have to push away all the negativity and stop finding ways to convince yourself that giving up is okay and finding clever ways to justify it.

An Easy Fix

No more excuses! Sounds easier said than done though right? Well, it’s quickly done as well. If you don’t have time, make time. Get up early or stay up a little later. An extra hour a day or giving up sometimes on the weekend is plenty of time to execute and hunt. No more excuses.  Just action.

Obstacle #6- Stop Letting Fear Get in The Way- The Best Things Are Always Right on The Other Side of Fear.

Fear is terrible when it comes to goal setting. It will always be there, and it’s not going away.  We fear failure, and we are scared the financial backlash that is trying to obtain our goals may cause. Regardless of what the fear is, it always finds a way to creep in and try and sabotage what we are after.

An Easy Fix

Understand that fear is always placed right on the other side of something fantastic and worth trying. Tough things were not designed to be, and they never will be. Learn to embrace fear and push through. Fear channeled into other forms of energy can be a potent motivator.

Obstacle #7- Can We Get Some Planning Please? We Don’t Plan to Fail, We Fail to Plan

Failing to plan is another considerable obstacle you will have to learn to overcome.  Failing to prepare can be anything from not detailing your goals on paper or not setting an iron-clad schedule toward accomplishing anything. Baby steps always need to be happening, and action still needs to be taking place.

An Easy Fix

Purchase a calendar. Use google calendar. Anything and everything but start outlining your day and finding a way to make time for dreams and aspirations. You only live once, so you need to find a way to do what you feel passionate about. Get organized and start planning immediately.

Obstacle #8- Ever Met A Farmer? Hard Work…Works…Working Really Hard is What Successful People Do

Being lazy is an obvious but often overlooked roadblock and obstacle toward achieving goals. We all want to be the business owner on social media and change our LinkedIn profiles, but we don’t want to go through any hardship, suffering or hard work to get there. Do you think farmers back in the day had the same attitude?

An Easy Fix

Get the work done. Wake up and move. Act. Understand that achieving goals takes discipline and consistency. All the time. Not just Saturdays and Wednesdays. Hard work will eventually work. It’s what successful people do so if you want the same, stop being lazy and get after it.

Obstacle #9- Don’t Confuse Movement with Progress. No More Running in Place

Just because you are doing a lot more does not mean you are getting a lot more done. Movement is not the same thing as progress. Your energy needs to be focused in the correct places to get things done effectively and to get things done toward your ultimate goals and dreams.

An Easy Fix

Stop thinking that sending 50 friend requests on your Facebook page is doing any actual work. Achieving things is very tough, and someone out there is outworking you right now. Find ways to put the energy where it will make the most significant difference. Prioritize task and get moving in the right direction on the right task.

Obstacle #10- Get Rid of The Naysayers and Non-Believers. This is Your Dream. Not There’s!

People are always going to try and drag you down. It’s the nature of the beast, and we discuss it in our short-term and long-term goal planning post. They aren’t going away anytime soon, and you probably know exactly who I’m referring to or can picture that one person right now who thinks you are an idiot.

An Easy Fix

Realize that these naysayers are most likely either jealous of your aspirations or can’t wrap their head around what you are trying to achieve. They don’t understand it like you do because you have done all the work up to this point. Don’t waste time trying to gain believers. Get rid of the negativity and focus your time where it will make the most significant impact on your life and goals.

Obstacle #11- Adjustments Are Necessary. That’s not Failing, That’s Failing to See Alternatives.

Understand that adjustments will always be necessary, and you will fail and make mistakes repeatedly. Failing while completing the small task along the way is going to keep happening, but it’s not a reason to give up or plan alternatives.

An Easy Fix

Embrace failure. Starve for it. Every failure is one step closer to success. Thomas Edison tried creating the light bulb through 1000 fail efforts. Effort number 1001 was indeed the invention of the light bulb. Make the adjustments and be happy one more failure is out of the way and taken care. Don’t beat yourself up over it. That does you no good or anyone else around you.

Obstacle #12- Stop Laying on The Floor After Taking A Punch to The Face- Get Back Up and Fight

People have the tendency to take one punch to the face, and that’s the end of the match. One significant setback occurs, or something doesn’t go as planned and now all the sudden it’s game over. It’s, and I get it. Setbacks and failures suck and probably always will.

An Easy Fix

Be excited to fight back. Just because someone beat you to the punch this time around doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything along the way. Find clever and creative ways to get back on the horse and back in the fight. Don’t just lay down and take the beating. You’re just making it easier for everyone else to step out front when you do this.

Obstacle #13- Stop Thinking Someone Beat You to The Punch. Everyone Wants A Piece. Get Over It

People think that just because they find someone that’s already done it toward their specific goal that they either need a new goal or that it’s time to give up. If that’s the case, then it’s probably true. Look, most things in the world have probably already been done at least once.  Lebron James isn’t the first person to win an NBA title.  Just because a competitor or colleague got something done first doesn’t mean you can’t overtake the crown and be better.

An Easy Fix

Do what they did but do it better. Competition fuels the world with goals and successes. Learn to embrace the challenges and stand right up to them. You won’t find many goals that don’t have other people chasing them as well. Work harder, run faster and don’t let anything stop you along the way.

Obstacle #14- Information Overload. Learn to Focus and Channel Energy in The Right Places

Information overload is a very common goal obstacle. You get a great idea, and now all the sudden you are trying to learn everything in 100 different verticals.  This gets you going down way too many rabbit holes and never really getting anything done.

An Easy Fix

Focus and stay organized. What’s the most important thing to learn today? What’s the most critical task to complete today? Trying to learn 100 things is great, but that kind of learning can be after hours. During hours it’s time to buckle down and execute in areas that have the potential of showing some real progress toward your goals.

Obstacle #15- Eliminate Distractions, Don’t Allow Time to Be the Reason You Run Out of Gas

Distractions and time management is one of the most common excuses and common obstacles that get in the way with goal setting. Kids, marriages, other outside jobs, and community projects can eat up time in a hurry. These distractions, however, aren’t going away anytime soon.

An Easy Fix

Understand that we all have 24 hours in a day. What are you doing with yours? Is there a spot where you could use an extra hour or two toward achieving your goals? Could you sleep a little less? Every single one of us only gets 24 hours so you can’t allow time to be the excuse. If this were the case, nothing significant would ever take place in the world we live in today. It’s that simple.

Obstacle #16- You’re Being A Baby. Stop Complaining. Stop Blaming. Adjust Your Mindset

Complaints, fear and blaming others is somewhat tied to our other common obstacles, but it’s prevalent and slowly throws goals way off the path that they were designed to be on.  People get the wrong mindset and want to go into a mode where it’s easier to just complain about everything interfering with your goals in life.

An Easy Fix

Throw this mindset out the window. Get mentally tough and don’t let anyone or any circumstances dictate how you are going to achieve your goals and what path you are going to take to get there. Become unstoppable and take massive action while limiting complaints and keeping a Rockstar mindset.

Obstacle #17- But Nobody Wants to Help Me. I’m All Alone with No Support.

Lack of support is an obstacle we like to place in our own way.  People shouldn’t have to support you every step of the way or encourage you that what you are doing is the right path or a great idea. Many successful people have made it to where they are with no help and so can you.

An Easy Fix

You don’t need anyone except your own vision, work ethic and mental attitude toward achieving goals. Stop looking for positive reinforcement and thinking you need a pat on the back for a small thing that you achieve. This ultimately means you aren’t doing this for you, and you are doing to seek approval from others. Focus on you and your goals and stop trying to please every family member, friend, and member at your church. Just keep at it.

Obstacle #18- There is No Such Thing As “Someday.” It’s Not on A Calendar So Stop Booking It Full

This is a huge goal obstacle. We have these big, bright visions and dreams but we choose just to sit and wait. It’s almost like we are hoping the success fairy’s just dropping us some good fortunes and send us a letter saying it’s okay to proceed with this goal, and not to be afraid anymore.

An Easy Fix

Understand that “someday” doesn’t exist. It’s not on a calendar, never has been and never will be. Change your someday into TODAY and get after it.  The “someday” people never get started. Remember, if you never get started, you never finish. Get started today and stop waiting for the green light. It’s not coming.

Obstacle #19- A Mistake or Goof Up Is Not A Failure- It’s a Building Block to Success! Make Mistakes!

An obstacle that gets in the way very often is the first failure scares the hell out of us. This puts us into retreat mode and has us thinking that this was the worst idea on the planet and that we have to make an adjustment asap or we will continue to get hurt.

An Easy Fix

I’ve said it once, but I’ll repeat it. The failures are coming. The goof-ups and downright stupid mistakes are coming as well, and they will come I bunches. It’s fine when these happen. Relax and take a breather. Figure out what went wrong and didn’t do it again. Not only that but figure out went wrong and found a way to fix it and make it better. Failures and goof-ups are influential toward success if you learn how to handle them and use them correctly the next time around. The show can always carry on.

Putting It All Together- Only 19 Things to Fight Against and You Will Begin to Dominate

I just broke down 19 common obstacles that every single person including myself has been through, experienced or had to learn the hard way on how to overcome. These aren’t new people. They will always be around and always be common mindset issues and roadblocks in your way on the path to success.

You must know about this up front. If only people would take the time to read the post like this before diving into the hardest challenge of their life. (Shaking My Head). The point is, knowing these things are just around the corner goes a long way toward preparation and mental toughness. Let me give you one last example, and I will leave you with that.

One Final Example- Then Get on Your Way to Success- What’s Holding You Back- We Are Waiting?

Tom Brady doesn’t go into every game that he plays in the regular season or playoffs thinking it will be easy just because he has “been there and done that.” He prepares. He studies. He knows there’s a chance that he’s getting planted into the ground by a 260-pound linebacker running 15 mph. He knows he may not go to a 10th Superbowl.  He also knows that not preparing is what will make the chances of failure that much more significant.

It’s the love for the game and fight that keeps you going. Also, NO, I despise Tom Brady. I do, however, respect the mental attitude and his constant preparation and fight toward winning. Understand you will fail, and start making a difference in your life and get after it today! No More Excuses!

What are some of the most common obstacles you have noticed blocking your path toward success and what are you going to do differently this time to make a positive change and influence toward achieving your goals? Drop a comment below!

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