Importance Of Writing Your Own Rules

In this short clip current Apple CEO Tim Cook, talks about the importance of Writing Your Own Rules.

From the video, “Explore everything. Push the corners of your mind. Just get on this kind of continual learning roller coaster and see what happens.”

He went on to say that he believes in the importance of taking risks and that you learn from failure. “You should rarely follow the rules”.

He states, that while it is important to learn how to collaborate in the end you have to, “Write your own rules.” to be successful.

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Tim Cook, the Apple CEO is most famous for taking over for the Apple Icon Steve Jobs.

And while he is not the “visionary” in the way most people see Steve Jobs …

… he was the man hired to optimize the Apple supply chain and his “vision” optimized that supply chain and allowed the company to put out other products by having the most competitive prices.

That paired with the cutting edge technology allowed Apple to soar to new heights.


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