How Can I Eliminate Distractions? [ Goal Setting the Easy Way]

How Can I Eliminate Distractions? [ Goal Setting the Easy Way]

If you follow many of our goal setting post, you probably know that it’s not the easiest thing to do.  It has roadblock after roadblock.  One of the first problems you will encounter and question I see come up most frequently is “how I can eliminate distractions?” The answer to this is simple.  You can’t eliminate all distractions.  It’s more about managing distractions and learning to prioritize the important things that will eventually lead you toward success.

How Can I Clear My Mind?  Your Mind Is the First and Biggest Distraction

Clearing your mind from all the distractions and outside noise is perhaps the most challenging task and a hindrance on goals each time we set out to achieve anything. Unfortunately, we must find a way to clear out that outside noise and distractions.  So, how can I clear my mind? There are many approaches you can take to clear your mind. Two that I would highly recommend right out of the gates is to get exercise and learn to write down your thoughts. Let’s break down a few suggestions.

Hitting the Gym- Exercise reduces stress and stress creates the racing mind that we all struggle to avoid.  Begin a routine of taking care of your body, keeping stress levels down and clearing your thoughts.  Also, hitting the gym can eliminate other distractions simply because you are already engaged and performing something productive and positive for your life.  In addition, it’s a small victory within our day which builds the confidence and momentum toward the bigger task we will encounter later in the day.

When you strap on the gloves and headset and begin playing your favorite music, it’s easy to get lost in the actions you’re taking and temporarily distract you from all the things that have been weighing on your shoulders for weeks.

Other Exercise-  You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to accomplish clearing your mind through exercise.  You can lean on other methods such as yoga, running, or even merely just walking around the neighborhood. 

The main takeaway is that it’s healthy and positive for your mind and body and is an excellent escape from reality for a brief amount of time. Carve out some time each day no matter how small that window is to give yourself an adequate ability at clearing your mind and regaining focus by shedding some calories and lowering that blood pressure.

Writing Down Thoughts-  When I began my business, I found myself so stressed by the little things that I found it tough to remember I even had goals, to begin with. It’s easy to get lost in the vicious cycle.  Make sure you write down thoughts when they arise. 

It will help to complete the small task and keep you on track on the big goals no matter how many little things keep planting themselves in the way.

How Do You Stay Away from Distractions?

The simple answer to this is you can’t. Not all of them anyways. They will always be around, and you can’t run from them.  Going back to the previous step is the best method for staying in front of the issues and tackling them before they get out of hand.

Find outlets and escapes that improve you as a person overall and get you closer to your goals each day.  Putting yourself in a circle of distractions is bound to put you off your path even for a decent period of time or possibly permanently. Don’t fall into this trap.

How Do You Resist Distractions?

Keep in mind that every distraction we encounter isn’t necessarily terrible.  We all need a few things in life that can take our mind off reality for a moment in time.  I know that I do at least.  Don’t worry about throwing every distraction out the window right out of the gates.  Start by recognizing the bad distractions first and replace them with productivity.

Most distractions we don’t prefer to be around when we have something substantial that we are chasing.  However, some distractions we continually place ourselves directly in front of on a constant basis. It’s inflicting self-harm in a way.  It’s also tough to rewire our brains to do things that are positive for us instead of harmful and a hindrance to our success.  Watching our favorite sports teams, attending a happy hour with our friends are just a few examples.

Unfortunately, when you're trying to achieve something more prominent, it’s time to let go of some of these fun time items.  I know, it sounds terrible, but it’s the hard truth.  Prioritize what you want to continue doing and what you will allow to distract you and manage your time effectively.  The rest of the noise must go.

Stress Kills and It Will Always Be Around Every Corner

Everything we discussed previously keeps circling back around.  Stress needs to manage as much as possible when you are attempting to achieve goals.  The kicker is, goals seem to create the most pressure during the process. We want to succeed, but we still want to be the A+ father, husband and maintain good relationships with our friends.

It gets overwhelming in a hurry, but I can tell you first hand that learning to put the most important things at the top of the list and prioritizing less time toward the stressful distractions is the name of the game.  Stay organized, stay healthy and manage time efficiently is the key to lowering stress and achieving success.

Learn to Relax- I know we have all the gurus out there that say there is no balance, but I disagree.  Some people are perhaps built not to burn out as fast as others but nonetheless, burn out is real.  Learn to give yourself a break.  Spend time with the family, take a vacation or get back in the groove with a favorite hobby.  Whatever it is that gives you that small escape. Key takeaway.  Take a breather and learn to relax.

Eliminate Negativity - The Glass Is Now Half Full

No more negativity.  I know that this also gets tough, but you have to learn to let it go.  Positive thinking can create positive results.  If you can see it or visualize it, you can make it happen with massive action.  The problem is people also get distracted by the jealous, negative people surrounding us.  It’s very easy to begin believing the negativity, and it’s easy to become the people you hang around most.

Surrounded by Positivity - The Only Path You Should Take

Eliminating negativity, unfortunately, isn’t enough to get the job done.  You need to replace it with something.  Throw extreme positivity into the mix.  Find people that want you to achieve your goals just as much as you want to reach them.  This keeps your spirits high and holds you accountable.

Whether you do weekly conference calls with someone in a similar situation or even tell your spouse the plans you have for the future, you must stay positive.  To do this, the people around you also must remain positive. 

The people who continuously drag you through the dirt and interfere with your goals must go.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s either that or let the goals go.  Either way, you can’t have the negativity on a constant basis and still expect to achieve greatness.

Start by deeply analyzing what people or activities you’re a part of that provide no real value to your life.  Everyone usually has at least a few people that are more of a time constraint and a constant feed of negativity than a productive resource toward their goals and dreams.

Time for the Electronics to Go – Yes All of Them

I don’t mean to go throw your phone into a ditch when I bring this up.  I merely mean that Facebook and watching Lost on your DVR shouldn’t be something you're using your time for any more if you expect to get anywhere. Electronic devices have a weird way of sucking us in and keeping us there.  We all have 24 hours in a day and how you choose to use them makes a huge difference.

Try eliminating some social media and Facebook creeping and then consider getting rid of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series.  You would be surprised at the additional progress you can make towards your goals if you plug away, execute and hunt during these hours instead of falling victim to the latest trending Hulu series. 

How Are You Going to Eliminate Distractions?

 Out of all the possible ideas we mentioned for eliminating distractions, negativity and negative influences, which ones do you plan on implementing to get on the right path toward achieving your goals?  What distractions do you find the hardest to kick to the curb?  What’s holding you back and what are you going to do about it?
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